Remember Me Team

The all volunteer "Remember Me Team" is a vital part of the mission of the ALZ Foundation to bring compassion to those suffering with Alzheimer's Disease. Our "Remember Me Team" members share their love, time and friendship through visiting nursing home, memory care units, and on occasion private homes to provide a much needed fresh face, a new encounter and experience. Our team members are dedicated to bringing and delivering Joy and Happiness to those who may suffer from loneliness, depression and boredom that Alzheimer's or Dementia can often bring. *No one should be or feel alone. *The remember me team are friends in time of need.

Always seeking Volunteers for our Team. Volunteering is a great way to give back and connect with the causes you care about. Many nonprofit organizations are understaffed and operating with limited budgets. Volunteers make a significant difference in our organization’s ability to fulfill the mission. At ALZ Foundation, we have several volunteering opportunities that are excellent ways to become a part of our mission, while learning and growing your own career path through supporting different aspects of our organization. From marketing, to accounting, to administrative, to event planning and more, volunteers play an essential role in our operations. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in your local area, that are fulfilling and purposeful, our team would love to hear from you to learn more about your passions and skillset. Please reach out via [email protected] or call toll free 833-ALZ-GIVE(259-4483) There’s always a place here for you, always seeking those who want to be an Agent of Change and make a difference.