ALZ FOUNDATION is Proud to serve those who cannot serve themselves.

ALZ FOUNDATION has created and developed a comprehensive and inclusive job training program for persons over 55 with mild to moderate Dementia and for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Intellectual Disabilities. Our program " Retail Ready" *designed to provide *Workplace skills, Life skills, Acceptance, Accomplishment, Independence, Pride and Opportunity to Achieve goals and Dreams. The program is supported by Donations and your generosity provides individuals with Employment opportunities, Training, Confidence, Sense of Purpose and Accomplishment to individuals that struggle daily with Disabilities or Brain Disorders and may never get the chance they deserve without your help. We are always seeking Corporate, Small Business and Individual Donations and Partnerships, so that we can continue provide this much needed program to those in need.

Giving Back to those who have the same needs, wants and Desires as everyone else this is what this program provides and so much more. Please Help and donate to those who need it the most.